Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Betta Fish Breeding

Betta: Your Happy Healthy PetBetta fish enthusiasts increasingly are many, both among children from childhood to adulthood. Because the fish is beautiful and also even more when the fish is ready to fight. Vibrant colours from male fish are exposed. This fish is also often called the fighting fish and the latin name is Betta splendens. It is a member from the Anabantidae (Labirynth Fisher). Betta fish tails and fins when it expands really captivate the lovers of ornamental fish. The color of the fish commonly known as beta fish is really interesting, and for the cultivation of these animals also do not require a vast place, so it can be done at home.

To breed betta fish, we just need a few things. First of all we need a pair of betta fish (a male and a female brood), a clean aquarium with proper water quality (temperature, dissolved oxygen and lighting), and also substrate for betta fish to lay their eggs. You may prepare artemia eggs to feed their larvae (baby fishes) once they are hatched from the eggs.

Description of Male Betta fish ready to mate are:

■ ± 4 months of age.
■ body shape and fins long and beautifully colored.
■ aggressive and agile movements.
■ healthy body condition (not disease).

The characteristics of female fish ready to breed are:

■ Age has reached ± 4 months
■ denotes rounded body shape ready to mate.
■ Movement is slow.
■ fin is short and the color is not appealing.
■ healthy body condition.

Steps for spawning and fish care

1.Prepare aquarium/ container with clean water. Add thermostate, temperature regulator if needed
2.Fill container with clean water with a height of 15-30 cm.
3.Put the male betta fish in advance, 1 day before mating
4.Put the female the day after the male
5. Quickly move Broods, and keep the eggs in separate place.
6. Watch out for fungal pathogens that could attack eggs.. put some Methylene Blue in the aquarium containing eggs

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